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The Journey Collection

Art by Luanne Stovall

"You don't have to be big to be a hero"

We are pleased to introduce the Journey Collection, LU+CO’s signature house brand. The Journey Collection is inspired by Hero's Journey: New Leaf, I-XII, a series of gouache paintings by Luanne Stovall. In the paintings, a modernist Ant makes her way across time and landscapes, carrying her freshly harvested leaf to the colony. Through dawn, sunset, moonrise, and starlight, her journey celebrates integrity, teamwork, and the eloquent beauty of Mother Nature.
Each season, LU+CO will curate a new selection from the Hero’s Journey paintings into the Journey Collection.

Hero’s Journey VI: New Leaf
Our debut image for Spring 2020 is Hero’s Journey VI: New Leaf. Silhouetted by a vibrant sunset, Leafcutter Ant has reached the crest of a rocky hill. The North Star will guide her journey home.


Gingham-in-motion collection

Art by Luanne Stovall

“Gingham-in-Motion celebrates the unsung heroes who give us strength and make us whole.”

Gingham-in-Motion pays tribute to gingham, a simple woven fabric with its classic checkerboard plaid. Wherever it appears - on picnic tablecloths, napkins, lumberjack shirts, blankets, or cookbook covers -  the warp and weft of the interlaced threads create a strong, unified whole. Luanne’s signature pattern swings gingham’s robust mesh into an elastic weave, allowing it to breath with the ebb and flow of everyday life.

Lumberjack Rose
Lumberjack Rose is the abstract rose woven into Gingham-in Motion’s swinging rhythm. Together, a pattern is created that celebrates the vitality of the living, breathing web of life.

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