Chr-mo-pho-bia noun: 1. fear of color

Chromophobia can strike at any time, causing nervousness, insecurity, fear, and anxiety ...


You may have experienced these symptoms when tasked with:


1. choosing the right color from a dizzying display of paint swatches

2. pairing colors together to create the desired atmosphere for a room

3. refreshing uninspired walls that feature cookie cutter colors or out-of-date "schemes"

4. updating exterior colors to coordinate purposefully with the landscape and interior spaces

5. designing your color palette to express a desired life style - so your house feels more like "home"


For anyone suffering from these symptoms, there is an effective and empowering solution  Color is vital to our survival, significantly impacting our health, behavior, and productivity. Hidden in plain sight, a dense network of color codes pulses through the world, broadcasting messages that

attract, inform, delight, repel, and guide us through the world.


Lu & Co Consulting invites you to experience living color with fresh eyes.

Initial Questionnaire

Color Consultation Session

Master Color Plan

Each consultation project begins with a questionnaire that serves as a guide to outline overall goals and to express specific color challenges.


This introductory Q & A provides insight for the initial color consultation, paving the way to achieve the most satisfying solutions to your color challenges.


Questions include:

- Scope of project specifications

- Range of color preferences

- Life style preferences

- Design influences

- Project challenges & concerns

- Time frame projections

- Price point consideration

Guided by the questionnaire, the initial consultation explores your lifestyle and design preferences in order to create a color solution that most effectively achieves your project goals.


- On-site meeting and site analysis to

   explore effective design solutions

- Follow-up sessions can be scheduled,

  as desired, depending on scope of

  project and steps necessary to

  achieve your desired outcome

An on-site consultation follows the questionnaire, exploring your design preferences as part of the Master Color Plan to achieve project goals.


Follow-up sessions can include:

-  Color and paint sample selections

-  Custom swatch samples

-  Painting services include painting

   preparation, painting and room

   set-up with consultations for framing

   and installing art. Clean up satisfaction

   is guaranteed


We happily coordinate with contractors , designers and architects.

Initial consultation: 2 hours - 300 | Additional hours: 150 per hour

For painting services, 20 hours minimum, start to finish at 75 per hour or price structured for overall project.

-  Site visits to test samples in various

   lighting conditions

- Determine color and paint

  specifications and options

Austin, TX