Color has a secret life ...

Color has a secret life far beyond the scope of the 19th century color circle offered to entry level art students from grade school to university. Color’s profound relationship with light significantly impacts our lives on a daily basis. Hidden in plain sight, a dense network of color codes pulses through the world, broadcasting messages that alert, attract, repel, illuminate and inform.


Whether viewed through the lens of Anthropology, Architecture, Art, Biology, Business, Communications, Culinary, Film, Graphic Design, Interior Design, Marketing, Neuroscience, Physics, Psychology, Theatre, or Urban Planning, color and light are not just signals for beauty and communication—but forces vital to the survival of the planet.

Advanced Color

Advanced Color serves as a foundation for anyone seeking to successfully communicate to a target audience through a design process focused on sharpened visual cues, intuition training and critical thinking skills. Pair every design challenge with a customized Signature Color Palette to create informed and dynamic solutions. Knowledge gained provides real world applications including the ability to:

1.  Expand traditional teachings by understanding color’s

     primary function as radiant energy [sunlight].

2.  Recognize the network of powerful non-verbal signals to

     open new pathways of color perception.

3.  Build communication skills with practical design tools

     and mastery of color terms, systems and properties.

4.  Unlock cultural color codes practiced by diverse

     demographic populations to connect with target

     audiences and avoid costly communication errors.

5.  Master 12 Chromatic Strategies and 5 Design Keys as the

     foundation of advanced color knowledge.

Color Seminars

Color Seminars offer an interactive and stimulating way to engage the core methodology by design projects that leverage the 12 Chromatic Strategies and 5 Design Keys. Hands-on experiments, studio lab, research, lectures, field trips, critiques. Content is flexible and can be customized to suit specific interests of each group. Seminars can be designed for a minimum of 3 hours to one semester.

Color Workshops

Color Workshops provide interactive sessions for color explorers from all disciplines. Sessions include introductory lectures, individual and groups exercises, reviews, and guided step-by-step explorations that sharpen creativity, intuition, and critical thinking skills. Workshop materials align with Color Course methodology. Content for each workshop is designed to be flexible, with customized options such as specific topic and focus, number of workshops, number of hours per workshop, number of participants, and spacing between sessions. Each workshop can be customized to suit specific interests of each group. Workshops can take place over a series of days or a single day. MInimum 3 hours. Pricing per workshop varies on the # of hours, size of group, and travel requirements.

Color Lectures

The Color Lectures open new doors of perception by providing step-by-step guidance through color field terrain, offering practical tools for successful design outcomes and enhancing critical thinking skills en route to becoming a Color Master 101. Material covered in the lectures align with foundational Color Course methodology. Each lecture can be customized to specific interests of each group. Pricing per lecture varies on the # of hours, size of group, and travel requirements.

Living Color: Color Appreciation 101

This introductory course serves as an entry into the color field, providing opportunities to tune into the networks of color codes we inhabit every day.

Hands-on experiences, projects, field trips, workshops and lectures with color experts in diverse fields. All disciplines. No prerequisites.

Advanced Color: Strategies & Solutions

This interdisciplinary course provides foundational methodology and experience for successful color management with the 12 Chromatic Strategies and 5 Design Keys. Color mixing exercises, workshops, lectures, optical experiments, projects, readings, research, field trips. No prerequisites.

Advanced Color Studio

This course offers a collaborative studio space to employ core methodology through engaging design projects that leverage the 12 Chromatic Strategies and 5 Design Keys and create unique color experiences. Research, studio development, critiques, installations, and practical applications in the community. Content for all courses can be custom designed to meet specific requirements of each group of students, such as # of hours per class, # of classes per week, length of term, # of participants, and focus on a specific discipline.

Prerequisite: Advanced Color: Strategies & Solutions

Contrary to popular belief, everyone can study color to learn more about the astonishing complexity of planet earth. We live our lives in color, thanks to the sun’s radiant energy and our own visual systems tuned to an arrow spectrum of “rainbow light”. As an artist and color evangelist, I am dedicated to expanding the scope of the color field and offering new methods to meet 21st century challenges. With color study open to all disciplines, we can tune in to color to appreciate its splendor, communicate more skillfully bring more color and light into our built environment.

Got Chromaphobia?

Become a Color Master and experience the world through fresh eyes. A New Field Guide to Color redraws the color map, connecting dots between disciplines and offering key tools to navigate the perils and promises of the color field journey. Gain fluency with essential color terms. Discover the powerful psychology driving brand color palettes competing for our loyalty at every touch-point. Guided by the Tool Kit’s 12 Chromatic Strategies and 5 Design Keys, employ compelling strategies for successful color management at home, school, work, and in the community.

Who studies color and why?

1.   Meeting ROY G BIV–Let There Be Light

2.   Standing on the Shoulders of Color Field Giants

3.   Sacred Geometry–Mapping the Color Field

4.   The Great Achromatics–Black, White & Gray Matter

5.   What Would Happen if Brown Went Away?

6.   Cracking Color Codes

7.   Eyes Wide Open: Optical Illusions & Color Interaction

8.   Field Guide Tool Kit12 Chromatic Strategies & 5 Design Keys

9.   Composing in Color Chords

10. Mastering Keys & Contrasts–Hue, Value, Saturation

11. Designing Signature Color Palettes

12. Playing the Color Field–Performing Random Acts of Color

Lecture Titles

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